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          Leading human resources and service company in China

          进入汉邦 进入知识产权 中文 中文 Free hotline:400-920-0069
          Advisory hotline:021-33633393

          Continuous innovation, sound management, sustainable development, to be able to create value and full of vitality makes CFE a modern professional consulting company.

          CFE’s biggest goal is to provide fast and efficient services for clients with taking customer’s in-depth needs and developing direction into consideration.

          CFECorporate ServicesMore>>
          ClientOur customers
          • 瀚汀企业管理
          • 晶焱科技
          • 玉环方博
          • 云中蝶科技
          • 迈德医疗
          • 赣锋锂业
          • 利真汽车
          • 巧连科技
          • 轶岭货运
          • 博彦科技

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